Something New… Canon 5D MK3

image above straight out of camera

Well, I decided it was time to take the leap and upgraded to a Canon 5D MK3! Coming from the 550D this was a massive jump up, but getting to the point I am at with my photography, it was necessary. To classify myself a professional I need to be using professional equipment to ensure I provide the highest quality images possible.

I went from:

Crop sensor – full frame sensor

18MP – 22MP

9 focus points – 63 focus points

Digic 4 processor – Digic 5+

Max ISO 6400 – 25600

And many others…

I have always been one of those people who says don’t focus on the equipment… and I still will be, and this is because it is all about timing. I used my 550D for 3 years before I decided it was time for an upgrade, meaning that 100% (8th June 2014) of the photos on this portfolio were shot with that camera body.

So why did I upgrade?

Quality – The full frame and higher MP leads to the highest quality images, which is what a client will be expecting.

Full frame – Allows me to shoot in smaller spaces with the lenses I currently own, so I can capture any image the way I want to.

Low light – Much better image quality and usability in low light.

Focusing – Faster, more accurate focusing with more control over settings.

All in all I LOVE my new camera and I feel like my photography has approved instantly. I can’t wait to create more stunning images thanks to the Canon 5D MK3.